The Ballroom at Bayou Place Wedding Photos

The Ballroom at Bayou Place Wedding Photos

The Ballroom at Bayou Place Wedding Photos

One of the reasons we are considered one of the best The Ballroom at Bayou Place Wedding Photographers is that we take the time to get to know our couples.

Each and every wedding is totally unique and so should your wedding photos.

The Bayou Place is a beautiful Houston catering hall located at 500 Texas Ave, Houston, TX 77002

The Ballroom at Bayou Place is a full-service event venue. It is located in the theater district. The venue has over 15,000 square feet.

A month prior to your wedding we will sit down with you and your fiancé and go over all of the day's details. One of the biggest things we will go over, aside from helping you put together a timeline, is your style.

Do you prefer candid images or do you prefer more posed pictures? Most of our couples request a mix of beautifully posed images of them while getting candid photos of there bridal party and reception.

The Ballroom at Bayou Place has everything a professional wedding photographer is going to need to create stunning images on your wedding day.

This venue offers a suite of great features you are going to want for all on your wedding day. From floor to ceiling windows, a striking backdrop of downtown Houston, sweeping balconies, a large dance floor for your reception, the open-air environment is ideal for creating timeless wedding pictures on your big day.

The Ballroom at Bayou Place Wedding Photos

Our team of professional wedding photographers loves using the Houston skyline as the backdrop for your couples portraits.

This bridal portrait was taken at the bride's getting ready section of the day. At this point in the wedding, I already photographed her details such as the bride's engagement ring, wedding bands, bridal bouquet, cathedral length veil, wedding dress, save the date card and wedding invitation.

I start with the details because they help tell the story of our couple's big day. When putting together your wedding album the first images selected are always the details.

I then moved on to take some candid bridal party photos of the bridesmaids toasting. These are great candid images that you may want to include in your wedding album. After that, I asked the maid of honor to pretend to apply the bride's bridal makeup.

Once all of the pre-getting ready images were taken we moved on to the actual getting ready photos. The mother of the bride helped her zip up her wedding dress while the maid of honor adjusted the bride-to-be's earrings. These candid images are a must-have for any Houston bride.

I wanted to create some artistic images of the bride alone on her wedding prior to leaving for the ceremony. So I asked her to stand by the window. I used the natural light that the window provided to light her and used a telephoto lens to blur out the background.

Location: 500 Texas Ave, Houston, TX 77002.