The Best Silver Sycamore Wedding Photos

The Best Silver Sycamore Wedding Photos

The Best Silver Sycamore Wedding Photos

This wedding photograph was taken at Silver Sycamore located at 5111 Pine Ave Pasadena, TX 77503.

Silver Sycamore has everything at Houston bride and groom couple wants in a catering hall to have their dream wedding.

The bridal cottage is a great location for your bride and groom wedding photos. Or perhaps you prefer a backdrop with some Southern charm, a western town is a great place for us to take creative images on your big day.

We started photographing the bride's details. Some of these items include her engagement ring, shoes, veil, wedding dress and wedding bands.

After we photograph these items, we moved on to the brides getting a ready section of the day. I personally like to use natural light to create beautiful images of our brides. By using natural light, it allows me as your wedding photographer to create bright, light and airy wedding photos.

After speaking with the newlyweds we decided to do there first look in front of their reception hall. By choosing this location allowed us to stay close to the reception room, and still, have full use of the grounds.

After some fun bridal party photos, we photographed the traditional family portraits in front of the Silver Sycamore rustic barn. The barn is one of our favorite locations to photograph our newlyweds.

The reason for that is it provides a great backdrop for your wedding photos. Whether we are photographing your couples portraits, family photos or images of your with your bridesmaids of your future husband with his groomsmen, the barn is our go-to location to create beautiful images that our newlyweds and their families love.

Once all of the fun bridal party photos, traditional family portraits and creative images of the bride and groom were taken we took the couple into the main ballroom to take a photo on the dance floor.

Before your wedding at Silver Sycamore, we have all of our couples come into our studio located in Houston. We will go over every detail of your big day.

Some of the topics we will go over are;

  • When and where we will photograph their bridal party photos?
  • Which combinations would you like for formal family pictures?
  • What time will we start photographing you're getting ready images?
  • What time should you and your bridesmaids have your hair and makeup completed by?
  • What time will the second photographer be starting with the groom?
  • What time is your wedding ceremony?
  • What time does your cocktail hour begin and end?
  • What time does your reception start?

By going through all of this prior to there wedding we can get a feel for your wedding day and what types of images are important to you and your fiancé.

Fun fact about this venue is: It comes with bed and breakfast, open bar, catering services all in their inclusive packages.

Location: 5111 Pine Ave, Pasadena, TX 77503.