Big Sky Barn Wedding Photos

Big Sky Barn Wedding Photos

The Big Sky Barn Wedding Photos

Big Sky Barn is our favorite catering hall in Montgomery to photograph weddings. Big Sky Barn is located at 13576 Forest Ln, Montgomery, TX 77356.

The Grand Barn at Big Sky Barn Wedding Photos

The Grand Barn at Big Sky Barn is 3,250 feet and a fantastic location to host your reception. The high ceilings allow us to use various photograph techniques such as off-camera flash to create beautiful photos of your first dance as husband and wife, parent dance and cake cutting ceremony. The Grand Barn can accommodate up to 300 guests at your wedding.

The Chapel Barn at Big Sky Barn Wedding Pictures

The Chapel Barn at Big Sky Barn is the perfect place to have your wedding ceremony. It has large windows that let in a lot of available light. When we photograph your wedding at The Chapel Barn we will take photos of the first time the groom sees his bride walk down the aisle, your vows, first kiss and ring exchange. While these photos are must-haves for any Houston bride, I love to take candid images of the mother of the bride crying as she watches her daughter marry the man of her dreams. These images always make it into our couple's wedding album.

The Big Sky Barn Wedding Photographers

The Chapel at Big Sky Barn makes the perfect venue for Weddings in the Houston and Montgomery area. The walls of the Chapel are solid oak planks. Each board was hand-painted to give the Chapel its antiqued whitewashed finish.

The ceremony is a 26′ tall wall of antique windows with 12″ thick solid oak beams.

The chapel is also home to the Groom’s quarters and the now famous Big Sky Barn bridal suite.

Are you thinking about getting married at big sky barn, we highly recommend this Montgomery texas catering hall to host your reception on your wedding day.

One of the reasons I love this candid wedding photo is because of the bride and groom. These two were a pleasure to photograph. They laughed and smiled all day long. It was very easy to capture the love between these two newlyweds.

I took them out of their cocktail hour to capture these sunset wedding photos. I posed the couple to create a few artistic images. I used off-camera flash and a wide-angle lens to give a bit of drama to there images. But for this image, I used a telephoto lens and natural light.

Are you looking for a professional wedding photographer located in Houston? Reach out to us, I would love to learn moe about you and your wedding plans.

Location: 13576 Forest Ln, Montgomery, TX 77356.