The Citadel Houston Wedding Photos

The Citadel Houston Wedding Photos

The Citadel Houston Wedding Photos

As a professional wedding photographer located in Houston, TX I have photographed many weddings at The Citadel.

The Citadel is located at 12130 Kirby Dr #101, Houston, TX 77045. It has everything a couple could ask for in a Houston Catering Hall to host your wedding reception.

The Citadel Houston has everything from a gorgeous banquet hall and pristine gardens with colorful flowers, waterfalls and a beautiful modern indoor ceremony space.

The Citadel's garden area is the perfect place to take your photos of you and your husband on your wedding day. The tall green trees are the perfect backdrop for either light & airy images or creative photographs on your wedding day.

At this point of the wedding day, we already photographed the brides engagement ring, wedding bands, floral arrangements, and invitation as well as her wedding dress.

We faked the makeup artists applying the bridal makeup and hair stylists putting the finishing details on the bride-to-be.

This image was taken during the couple's portrait section of their wedding day. I wanted to show off the bride's wedding dress and veil. The leading lines of the veil lead the views eyes to the bride's expression.

I used a wide-angle lens with off-camera flash to saturate the sky so we could not only show the couple but the environment as well.

When we photograph a wedding at The Citadel Houston, we use all of their grounds to create beautiful images like the one you see here.

Some of our favorite locations to use to create creative images at The Citadel Houston are their large windows in the main entrance. They have 3 floor-to-ceiling windows that all us to take beautiful natural light images of our couples.

The indoor ceremony location is also one of my favorite locations to use to photograph the fun bridal party photos. During your wedding day, I will take a traditional photo of the bride with each one of her bridesmaids, the groom with each one of his groomsmen as well as a photo of the entire bridal party with the newlyweds together.

I will then have some fun and get everyone to laugh and have a great time, these are great candid images of the bridal party that usually end up in our couple's wedding albums.

Another great location to use when photographing a wedding at The Citadel Houston is their grand staircase in the main ballroom. This is one of the wow factors of the Citadel.

When the couple is doing their first dance or parent dances I like to run-up to the top of the stairs which overlooks the dance floor and take a wide-angle shot of the father of the bride dancing with his daughter on her wedding day.

Location: 12130 Kirby Dr #101, Houston, TX 77045.