Hilton Americas Wedding Photos

Hilton Americas Wedding Photos

Hilton Americas Wedding Photos

Desert Rose Wedding Photography has photographed many weddings at Hilton Americas. The Hilton Americas is a beautiful Houston catering hall located at 1600 Lamar St, Houston, Texas 77010.

The Bride & Groom choose to have two photographers cover there wedding day. One photographer to capture the bride and another photographer to photograph the groom's getting ready images.

While we like posed images of our couples, I prefer a more candid approach when documenting our couple's wedding day. The reason for this is because the more photojournalistic the image, the more you are connected with that moment.

We started photographing the bride's details such as her engagement rings, wedding bands, wedding dress, bridal bouquet, and veil.

Once these were completed I photographed the bride's getting ready images. I ask the mother of the bride to zip the back of her wedding dress up and asked the maid of honor to help adjust the veil. All of these images will end up in your wedding album because they tell the story of your day.

After that, we moved on to her ceremony. When we photograph your wedding at Hilton Americas we will be sure to take many candid photos of the first time the groom sees his bride-to-be walking down the aisle. As well as your vows, ring exchange as well as many images of your guests applauding and shedding tears of joy as you marry the man of your dreams.

When the ceremony is finished and the bride and groom are officially husband and wife, we wanted to create some artistic wedding photos of the newlyweds at the church.

Once we arrived at Hilton Americas we went to there grand ballroom to take some fun bridal party images. I will photograph the bride and the bridesmaids as your second photographer photographs the groom and his groomsmen. These are fantastic images you might want in your wedding album.

I will also photograph the details in your grand ballroom prior to your guests arriving. Some of the images I photograph will include, the wedding cake, centerpieces, and card box and dais.

I took some candid photos of the guests at The Hilton Americas cocktail hour and then set up for the reception.

Your wedding album should have a nice mix of traditional family portraits, fun bridal party images, artistic photos of our brides and grooms and many candid images.

Some images are just to document the day, like pictures of the couple's wedding invitation or save the date card, but nothing is more awe-inspiring than the father of the bride crying as he watches his baby girl marry the man of her dreams.

Hilton Americas Houston Wedding -

From intimate and luxurious to grand and extravagant, Hilton Americas-Houston will make your dream wedding a reality.

Location: 1600 Lamar St, Houston, TX 77010.