Desert Rose Wedding Photograph has photographed over 1000 weddings. We have put together this article to help couples get the best photos and experience possible.

Beautiful wedding photos take time

It’s important to note that this is much more than “taking a few pictures”. There is a wide range of factors to plan and consider to get all of the images you want on your big day.

During your finals appointment with us, we will sit down with you and your fiancé and go over all of the details of your wedding day. We will go over when and where we will photograph your getting ready images, your first look, bridal party photos, family portraits and couples portraits.

While some images are pretty standard each wedding is unique and so should your wedding photos.

Here are some standard wedding photos we will take on your wedding day.

  • Engagement Ring

  • Wedding Bands

  • Bridal Bouquet

  • Veil

  • Wedding Dress

  • Jewelry
  • Preparation photos (hair, makeup, etc)

  • First reveal

  • Individual portraits of the bride and her bridesmaid

  • Individual portraits of the groom and his groomsmen

  • Photos of the entire bridal party together

  • Formal family photos

  • Photos of the bride and groom together

  • Ceremony Details

  • Reception Details such as, your dais, centerpieces, card box and wedding cake

  • Room Shot

  • Night Time Photos

  • Cake Cutting

  • Parent Dances

Solidify your wedding timeline at least 4 weeks prior to the big day

When you don’t have a plan, you plan to fail. This is a tried and true statement. Your photographer is so much more than a person that takes pictures. They are there to help guide you to having the wedding of your dreams. We take pride in putting together great timelines that will not only get you the best photos possible but the best experience as well.

When you book us to photograph your wedding, we take the time to get to know what types of images you are looking for. We will go over everything from the moment we will start your day to the moment we will leave your reception. By doing your timeline a month prior to your wedding we can arrange to have all of the proper insurance paperwork in place. It also give you time to secure any permits required.

Essential Factors to Consider About Your Wedding Photos

If you hired Desert Rose Wedding Photography to photograph your wedding day, you don't need to worry about the quality of your images. However, the only way this works is if we go over what is important to you and what is not. I don't want to spend all day photographing things that don't matter to you. Or maybe you have a particular style that you like. Some couples want really artistic wedding photos where it looks like a magazine cover, which requires a lot of posing. While others prefer candid wedding pictures. By learning what you envision for your wedding gallery we can adjust how we approach your images.

Choosing Locations

There will be many candid wedding photos taken during your wedding and reception such as:

  • The first time the groom sees his bride-to-be walk down the isle
  • Your vows
  • Ring exchange
  • First kiss as husband and wife
  • Grand entrance
  • First Dance
  • Best man speech
  • Maid of honor speech
  • Father-daughter dance
  • Mother-son dance
  • Reception dancing photos

These images show what it was really like to be at your wedding, they help tell the story of your big day.

However, certain photos need to be posed or set up. Some of these images include:

  • Detail photos of your engagement ring, wedding bands, wedding dress and veil
  • Formal Family Portraits
  • Fun Bridal Party Photos
  • Photographs of the Bride and Groom together

Having the right backdrop for these images can turn nice looking pictures into a work of art that captures the true essence of the day.

Some of the things to consider when choosing locations for your photos include:

  • Your proximity to reception

  • Your personality, likes and dislikes

  • Your partner’s personality, likes and dislikes

  • The overall look and feel you want the photos to have

  • How many different “looks” you want to have in your wedding album

  • Whether you need a permit or not

  • How much time you have allotted

  • The time of year

  • Weather

Even more important than the experience, portfolio and reviews is establishing trust with your wedding photographer. Usually, you will know early on in the initial consultation if you are willing to put your trust in this person or team.

Once you find that perfect fit, it’s essential for you to trust them from that point forward. You need to be realistic about things like the time of day, the lighting, and the venue and trust that your photography team will do everything the can to give you the wedding photos of your dreams.

Should You Have 1 or 2 Photographers?

There could be a decent argument either way when it comes to having one or two photographers. Budget is a common reason to stick with one, or you may feel that having more than one is just overkill and unnecessary. If you are on the fence, it will help to sit down with your photographer and listen to the pros and cons.

Naturally, you can create a perfectly good wedding album with just one photographer, but having two will tell a deeper story with more texture and layers. A second photographer can spend more time with the groom, capture the audience reactions to specific parts of the wedding and get candid shots that would be missed if you used only one.