Questions to ask your Catering Hall

Are you getting married in Houston Texas and are wondering what questions you should ask them to ensure you have the wedding of your dreams? Desert Rose Wedding Photography has put together this list of must of questions to ask your catering hall.

1) What is the venues policy for cancellations?

This is not something anyone wants to think about, but it is something you have to make sure you cover before signing your contract.

You want to make sure that you can postpone your wedding at no additional costs. However if you cancel your wedding altogether, you will find that most catering halls do not give refunds.

2) Do we have complete and total access to all of the grounds?

There are two types of catering halls. One catering hall hosts one wedding at a time, while others host multiple weddings at a time.

When you choose a venue that is one wedding at a time, there is no need to ask this question. You will be the only bride there and you should be able to go where you want when you want.

These types of venues tend to be a little more expensive but well worth the price.

However, if you choose a catering hall that hosts multiple wedding at a time, you want to make sure you can use the grounds anytime you want. I have photographed 1000 weddings in my career and have seen it all. Sometimes they show you these massive grounds and then the day of your wedding comes and you want to use these grounds to take beautiful wedding photos and you do not have access to the areas that you like.

By talking to your catering hall prior to your big day, you will know and understand what you will and will not have access to the day of your wedding.

3) How fresh is the food?

You can never assume anything. If you are paying good money to host your wedding at a beautiful catering hall you would just expect that the food is fresh. You want to make sure you are not getting left over chicken from last nights wedding. I even encourage our couples to walk through the venues kitchen prior to booking their contract in order to ensure where they are preparing the food is clean.

Another thing to look out for is what is called marrying the bottles. At the end of most weddings, the bartenders will go in the back of the venue and mix the bottles of alcohol. You want to make sure you are getting fresh bottles of liquor too. You are paying top notch money, you want to make sure you are not only getting top notch service but drinks as well.

4) How many waiters will be assigned per table?

If you have 12 guests to a table and one waiter you may realize that your drinks are not coming as fast as you would like. Or your food is not delivered in a timely manor.

Talk to your event coordinator prior to you booking to give them an idea of how many guests you are inviting and how many tables you are thinking about having.

I hope this has helped give you some insight into the right questions to ask your catering hall.