Magnolia Hotel Wedding Photos - Best Picture

Magnolia Hotel Wedding Photos - Best Picture

Magnolia Hotel Wedding Photos - Best Pictures

As a professional wedding photographer located in Houston Texas, I have had the privilege of photographing many weddings at The Magnolia Hotel. The Magnolia Hotel is located at 1100 Texas Ave, Houston, TX 77002

Wedding Photographers have to be well versed in all styles of photography. One of our favorite photography styles Desert Rose Wedding Photography is known for is light and airy. This means it is a more candid type of lifestyle image.

This image was taken at The Magnolia Hotel. I asked the mother-of-the-bride to help zip up the bride-to-be's wedding dress. I usually help coach this section of the day, but on this particular wedding day, I just sat back and let the moments happen.

The mother of the bride reached around and hugged her daughter. It was a great candid moment that I was able to capture. This image was selected for their wedding album and the father of the bride ordered a large print for this office.

Photos like this are the reason I because of a Professional Houston Wedding Photographer.

Magnolia Hotel Wedding Photographer

At this point of the wedding day, we already photographed the bride's details such as her wedding dress, engagement ring, wedding bands, veil, and bridal bouquet. After these images were taken, we moved on to the first look, then photographed some fun bridal party photos and traditional family portraits. Prior to the wedding the groom contacted our office located in Houston Texas and told us the loved candid wedding photography. We took many candid photos of the bride on her wedding day at The Magnolia Hotel.

Location: 1100 Texas Ave, Houston, TX 77002.