Magnolia Meadows Wedding Photos

Magnolia Meadows Wedding Photos

Magnolia Meadows Wedding Photos

Desert Rose Wedding Photography has provided our wedding photography services to many happy brides and grooms at Magnolia Meadows.

Magnolia Meadows is one of our favorite Houston area wedding venues to photograph weddings. It is located in North Houston at 32745 Dobbin-Huffsmith Rd, Magnolia, TX 77354.

When we photograph your wedding at Magnolia Meadows here are some of our favorite locations to use to create creative and candid images that you and your family will love.

- The Barn at Magnolia Meadows

The Barn at Magnolia Meadows can comfortably seat 250 guests on your wedding day.

When we are photographing a couple's wedding here I use, the oak doors and wooded area behind the barn to take fun bridal party photos. I always take images of the bride with each of her bridesmaids as well as images of the groom with each of his groomsmen. Then finally a big group shot of the entire bridal party with the bride and groom together. I like to have a good time and get everyone to laugh which makes for great candid wedding photos.

The barn is also a great location to photograph the posed family portraits. Each couple's family is unique so prior to your big day, we will go over all of the combinations of family photos you would like to make sure we take all of the images you want quickly.

We use a photography technique called off-camera flash to photograph your family portraits. I will often use an umbrella or soft box for these photos.

I love to photograph the bride and groom together at The Barn. The barn doors are the perfect rustic backdrop for some of your creative couples portraits.

The chandeliers in the main reception room are a great feature of The Barn. It gives a warm feeling to your reception space.

When we are photographing your reception at Magnolia Meadows, the warmth of the chandeliers give a beautiful backdrop to your first dance as husband and wife, your parent dances and cake cutting ceremony. I also like to feature the chandeliers when I take a room shoot of the bride and groom in the reception space together alone prior to their guests entering.

- The Pergola at Magnolia Meadows

The Pergola is Magnolia Meadows's outdoor wedding area. It is rustic and elegant and the perfect backdrop for your outdoor ceremony.

During your ceremony, we will take many candid wedding photos.

Some of the images we will be sure to capture during your ceremony is when the groom sees you, his bride-to-be walking down the aisle for the first time. We will also take images of the bride walking down the aisle, your ring exchange ceremony, candle lighting ceremony, sand ceremony as well as your first kiss. We will also always try to take candid photos of your friends and family as they watch you marry the man of your dreams. These are great candid photos you may want to include in your wedding album.

I also like to use the Pergola for some fun bridal party photos as well as some creative couples portraits.

- The Bridal Suite at Magnolia Meadows

The Bridal suite at Magnolia Meadows has a great look for your getting ready photos. It has professional hair and makes up the station, comfortable lounge area and it overlooks the main reception area.

When I photograph a wedding at Magnolia Meadows I use the bridal suite to take pictures of the bride's details such as her engagement ring, wedding bands, veil and wedding dress.

After that is completed I use the bridal suite to capture some candid images of the brides getting ready images. We ask the mother of the bride to help her zip up her wedding gown. Another favorite image to take is the maid of honor helping place the bride's veil.

All of these moments are captured candidly and are a must-have for any bride getting married at Magnolia Meadows.

- The Groom's Lounge at Magnolia Meadows

The groom's lounge is the perfect place for the groom-to-be to relax before your first reveal or ceremony. It comes fully equipped with a big-screen TV, couches and a pool table to him and his groomsmen.

When photographing the groom's getting ready photos, I have the best man to help him put on his tie, adjust his cufflinks and place his boutonniere. Then I take a couple of portraits of the groom alone using the natural light that the groom's lounge provides.

More information about Magnolia Meadows -

Magnolia Meadows is the perfect location for couples who want to host their wedding deep in the heart of Texas with an extra helping of southern hospitality.

With expansive indoor and outdoor spaces, this venue can host up to 250 guests for your ceremony and reception. Situated amongst towering trees in Magnolia, TX the grounds will mesmerize your guests by being surrounded by nature’s beauty all while being minutes away from hotels, restaurants, and the conveniences of the city.

Location: 32745 Dobbin-Huffsmith Rd, Magnolia, TX 77354.