The Post Oak Hotel Wedding Photos

The Post Oak Hotel Wedding Photos

The Post Oak Hotel Wedding Photos

The Post Oak Hotel is a one of a kind catering hall located at 1600 W Loop S, Houston, TX 77027

Being one of the best Houston wedding photographers, Desert Rose Wedding Photography has photographed many weddings at The Post Oak Hotel located in uptown Houston.

When we meet with our couples prior to their big day, we ask them, what types of images are you looking for?

By learning about what they envision for their wedding photos, I can tailor how I photograph their wedding day.

This is one of the reasons Desert Rose Wedding Photography is considered the Best Post-Oak Hotel Wedding Photographers.

When we meet with the bride and groom in our office located near you. We went over what types of images they would love to see in their wedding album. They expressed to me that they loved creative photos.

I used a combination of natural light and off-camera to create this creative photo of the bride and groom together on their wedding day.

The light hits the bride's face perfectly giving her what is called rim light. This is a fantastic quality of light for creating creative images.

There are always "must-have" photos to take on wedding days. Images like the bride's engagement ring, wedding invitation, save-the-date card, wedding dress, wedding bands are always something we do in the beginning of the day. Images like the bride with each of her bridesmaids as well as the groom with each of his groomsmen are standard wedding photos we take. Formal family photos are a "must-have" for any Houston Bride as well.

But images like this one are why I became a Houston Wedding Photographer. Being able to create a creative image like this of our couples on their wedding day is fun and we know that this is an image that they will print and hang in their home to show their family for generations to come.

Location: 1600 W Loop S, Houston, TX 77027.