Waters Edge Wedding Photos

Waters Edge Wedding Photos

Waters Edge Wedding Photos

Desert Rose Wedding Photography has photographed many weddings at Waters Edge over the years. Our team of professional wedding photographers know all of the spots to take great images on your wedding day.

Waters Edge is a beautiful catering hall located at 3901 NASA Road 1, El Lago, TX 77586.

Most couples book Waters Edge for the view. Waters Edge overlooks the shores of Clear Lake. It is the perfect backdrop for your fun bridal party photos or photos of you and your husband on your special day.

The bride chooses to get ready in a nearby hotel. We photographed her wedding dress, engagement ring, wedding bands, bridal bouquet, and her veil.

They choose to get married in this beautiful church. I captured the groom's face as he saw his bride walking down the aisle, the vows, ceremony and first kiss as candidly as possible.

We took some photos of the couple exiting the church, I had the groomsmen line up on one side and the bridesmaids line up on the other side, armed with bubbles in hand, the newlyweds came out to a roaring round of applauds, it made for great candid images for their wedding album.

I then took the bride and groom back inside the church to capture this image of them. I started with a traditional photo of the couple standing in the center of the aisle holding hands looking at the camera. This is going to be a good photo for their Thank You Card.

I also wanted to give them a creative image of them here as well. I had the groom hold the bride and kiss her, I used the veil and off-camera flash to capture this image. I wanted to show off not only the church but the brides wedding dress and veil as well.

We then made our way to Waters Edge where I photographed the Bride with each one of her bridesmaids individually and the groom with each one of his groomsmen, big bridal party images and traditional family portraits. I used varied locations for these images to give the couple diversity when choosing images for their wedding album.

After these photos were completed, it was then time to take some portraits of the bride and groom together. I used the Shores of Clear Lake, palm trees, and utilized Waters Edge two and a half acres grounds to create fun and creative images of the couple together.

Located on the shores of Clear Lake, Waters Edge can accommodate up 400 guests in our open indoor/outdoor space, with stellar views in every area, and our spacious and lushly landscaped two and a half acres will make you and your guests feel worlds away from the city while staying close to home.

One of our favorite locations to use to take creative images of the bride and groom is Waters Edge's palm-tree-lined walkway. I ask the newlyweds to hold hands and walk away and towards the camera.

This allows them to relax and get some candid photos, the palm trees are the perfect backdrop for these types of images.

The Lake at Waters Edge is why most brides book this venue. I use this area many times throughout your wedding day to create beautiful and different images at Waters Edge.

I will photograph the bride and each one of her bridesmaids together and the groom and each one of the groomsmen on the huge outdoor patio. This large area allows us to take fun bridal party photos at every wedding.

Location: 3901 NASA Road 1, El Lago, TX 77586.