Wedding Photographer in Houston TX

Wedding Photographer in Houston TX

Best Wedding Photographer in Houston TX

Welcome to Desert Rose is award-winning wedding photography and video studio. Our wedding photography studio is located at 535 West 20th st in Houston Texas.

We specialize in weddings. Our team of professional wedding photographers provided wedding photography services to Houston brides.

I have photographed over 900 weddings over my 10-year career as a professional wedding photographer.

At Desert Rose our photography team prides ourselves on our ability to capture your love and tell your love story as husband and wife. in creating creative and candid images at each and every wedding we photograph.

Our goal is not only to take great photos but to document your wedding day. Each couple's special day is unique and so should your wedding album.

Before your big day, we will sit down with each of our couples and go through your entire day, helping you plan your timeline. Ensuring you get not only the best images possible but the best experience.

Here are the topics we will go over during your appointment with Desert Rose.

- What time will we start photographing the bride

This is important because you are going to need to tell your hair and makeup team what time they need to be finished with your bridesmaids and your bridal makeup.

We will go over what images you would like at this section of the day such as pictures of your engagement rings, wedding bands, wedding dress, veil, and bridal bouquet. Some images we also take in the beginning part of the day is do you want a robe shot with your bridesmaids, the first reveal with your dad.

We will allocate enough time to take your bridal portraits as well.

- What time we will start photographing the groom's getting ready photos?

Groom photos are just as important as the brides getting ready section. In order to put together a complete wedding album documenting your future husbands getting ready images are essential.

- What time are we going to start photographing your first reveal

A first reveal is when a couple sees each other prior to their ceremony. Some couples do this in order to complete all of the formal images such as their bridal party images, formal family portraits as well as photos of the bride and groom alone, prior to their ceremony.

- What time is your ceremony

During your ceremony, we will take many candid images of the groom's reaction as he sees his bride-to-be walk down the aisle as well as photos of your ring exchange, vows, and first kiss.

-How many formal family portraits would you like on your wedding day

The family photo section of your wedding day can be completed in as little as 10 minutes or as long as 1 hour. It depends on how large your families are.

- How large is your bridal party

I like to give our couples a diverse mix of styles in their bridal party pictures. We will take formal photos of the bride and each one of her bridesmaids while they look at the camera. I will do the same for the groom and each one of his groomsmen.

Then I will take a large group photo of the entire bridal party together. After the traditional bridal party photos are taken I like to take some fun bridal party photos to show off the group's relationships.

- What type of styles are you looking for in your wedding photos

Some couples prefer traditional wedding photos, while others like more creative images. Some couples want a light and airy style while others prefer a more artistic style. By learning what you like we adjust our approach on your wedding day.

-What time will your reception be

During your cocktail hour, we will photograph various groupings of your guests while you and your husband relax. We will also go into your reception room and take various detail photos. Some of the detail photos we take in prior to your guests entering are:

-Wedding Cake




-Room Shot

-Guests tables

-DJ set up

- What formalities will happen during your reception

During your wedding reception, we will take many candid images. Some formalities that happen during weddings are:

-Grand Entrances

-First Dance

-Parent Dances

-Best Man Speech

-Maid of Honor Speech


-Candid dancing photos

-Night Time Wedding Photos

Desert Rose Wedding Photography has years of experience photographing a variety of weddings. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

I look forward to learning about your wedding day.

Location: Houston TX.